How to Spot a Fake Coach Handbag

Don’t get stuck with a fake Coach handbag! I am not an expert. I have never worked at Coach, but I use to own many (many-many-many) Coach handbags. Listed below are just a few basic tips and pointers that I have picked up on during my Coach Days:

– Sometimes it’s just too obvious. Make sure the double C’s line up. Note, it is not unheard of for the Mini Signature collection to be a little bit off-centered.

– Pay attention to little details. Such as the quality of stitching, if it skips a beat then stay away. Also, the seams of the bag and interior authenticity tag should not be glued on but rather neatly stitched on.

– Other minor details include the YKK zipper.

– The bag should look neat and sturdy, not slouching to one side or lopsided. This is caused by either uneven lousy stitching or not quality material that’s to thin. Coach uses leather or suede trim, not pleather or shiny plastic.

– When eBaying, do not trust sellers who have blurry or low-quality photos and blame it on their camera. Or sellers that use stock only photos and refuse to send more pics of the actual item.


– The tag of authenticity. Most of the Coach handbags have a serial number stamped on the authenticity tag inside the bag. Not all bags, but most, some of the smaller items do not have this serial number.

– If it looks like the bag is a mutant offspring from Fendi and Coach, then its fake-fake-fake. There is no such thing as a Limited Edition Coach Signature Fendi Spy Bag.

– Double ‘G’ instead of double ‘C’ – Wrong! Coach only uses the signature ‘C’. Guess stole the idea (I mean borrowed) it for their signature line.

– Made in the U.S.A? You betcha (back in the day). Up until 2002 about 75% of coach handbags were manufactured in the US. Now, most are assembled in China.

– POP! (place of purchase!) eBay sellers, where did they get it? Stay away if from: A fine boutique on Canal Street, Grade A Authentic Coach Manufacturer, purse party, forgot where or when, a sweet old foreign man selling them on the corner because he wants to bring the product to you, etc. – I have heard it all.

Have you seen somebody selling “fake / knockoff / replica Coach handbags?” The department of Justice is waiting for your email, catch them at – [email protected]