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How To Pick Out The Perfect Dresses For Women

As much as shopping for the perfect dress can be an engaging and fun experience, it can also be stressful and even depressing if not executed correctly. It is important to keep a myriad of things in mind if you want to be sure your new dress is perfection. Every woman has different needs when it comes to shopping, such as staying within a budget, accentuating certain features, finding an occasion-appropriate dress, etc.

No matter how stressful and emotional dress shopping for yourself may get, it is important to know we have all been there – it’s not just you! Nevertheless, if you keep on and concentrate on certain key points, you might just find your perfect dress faster than you expected.


Firstly, you must determine your budget. Whether you earn the minimum or millions, you must determine how much you are willing to spend on that perfect costumes. There’s nothing worse than picking out that magnificent dress that kept shouting your name from the rack, trying it on, falling in love with it, then realizing it is not within your budget. Besides avoiding unnecessary heartbreak, you can also avoid wasting time if you effectively set your budget.

Check the dress’s value before you try it on to be sure it complies with your budget.

2.Body Type

One of the most important points is to be aware of what works for your body type. One size definitely does not fit all! Follow these tips for a more flattering dress fit, based on your body type:

3. Accentuate Your Favorite Features

If there is a part of your body that you really like, you should absolutely accentuate it, as this will probably make you feel good and more confident. Some women have killer calves and should find a dress that shows them off and does not cover them. If you really like your breasts, you might wanna avoid costumes with a high neckline. If you love your eye color, you should wear a color that brings them out. Women with small waists should totally go for waist belts and other accessories that accentuate it. The point is that you should look for ways of showing off and celebrating your favorite features!

Wear dresses that show off your best features!

4. Skin Undertone

Your skin tone will determine what color looks best on you. The skin tone you should consider is the undertone, not the skin tone on the surface of your skin. There are three different types of undertones – warm, cool, and neutral. Use the following guidelines in order to wear the color that best suits you.

5. Personality

What we wear is often a way of expressing ourselves. Do you ever find yourself debating whether to buy something because it’s in style or looks cool, yet you can’t bring yourself to doing so for some reason you can’t explain? This can be your subconscious mind telling you it just isn’t you. Being able to express who you are through your clothes can be so fulfilling and liberating, so it is important to go with your gut and only buy what you truly want. Keep looking until you find the costumes that you so eagerly want to say “yes” to. While it may sound dramatic and emotional, it is worth searching for a dress that truly speaks to your personality and makes you feel happy.

Go with your gut when choosing your perfect dress

6. Occasion

If you are shopping for a special occasion, keep in mind whether there’s a dress code, such as formal, cocktail, semi-formal, informal, casual, business-casual, etc. With so many types of dress codes nowadays, it is easy to confuse one with the other. To avoid unwanted embarrassment, be sure you are aware of the dress code if any. Then, look up the info. Online prior to buying your dress. Some dress codes call for longer or shorter dress lengths, more conservative covering, certain colors, etc.

For special occasions, buy a dress that will comply with the given dress code.


Lastly, you should consider the shoes you will wear. If you are only buying the women’s costumes, then you should pick one that you can wear with your current shoe options. It would be awful to finally find the perfect dress, only to realize you don’t have adequate shoes for it. Consider the shoe color, heel, style, and texture if necessary. If you can buy a new pair of shoes for your new perfect dress, even better!

Be sure you have the right shoes to go with your perfect dress.

After reviewing this list, I am sure you will feel more confident when shopping for that special dress. Keep in mind that you should enjoy this process and maybe use it to learn a little more about yourself. Always stay true to what you want and know that everyone can find their perfect dress!

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