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    Tips on How to Choose Women Dresses Based on the Shape of Your Body

    It is important for every woman to look good with whatever clothes she wears. Aside from mix and matching some clothes, women tend to have problems with picking the right dress. This is the main reason why getting some tips on how to choose women dresses is important. If you’re one of these women, getting to know how to pick the right dress will make dressing up easier and faster. This will also make shopping for dresses easier. Women who are aware of the type of dress suitable for their body shape is an advantage, especially when shopping. Since you know what will improve your overall look, you can avoid…

  • Fashion Stylist
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    How Would A Fashion Stylist Define Being Underdressed?

    Being fashionable does not mean that you always have to wear dressy and flashy clothes. This means that you wear the right clothes at the right time and place. Many people sometimes find it difficult to choose appropriate clothes for the occasion. They either end up overdressed or underdressed. Both are considered as fashion dilemmas. However, this article will discuss about being underdressed and how a¬†Fashion Stylistdefines this fashion faux pas. There are a few things that a stylist considers to know whether her client is wearing appropriate clothes. These factors include the event itself, the venue, guests, and even the weather. You also have to look at these things…