Boys toys, girls toys: should we go against stereotypes?

Boys toys, girls toys: should we go against stereotypes?

No matter what the child is playing, the bottom line is that he plays! We have to end the idea that a girl plays like a girl and a boy like a boy. Kids toys are not sexed for about three years. The little ones do not yet have a clear awareness of their sex and play indifferently with the toys that tempt them. Even though a recent American study explains that there is an innate difference between girls and boys. The latter spontaneously move towards games that exude action and propulsion!

At age three, the baby begins to focus on her sex, to feel like a girl or a boy. He feels a certain pride in being one or the other and tries to give them the attributes, including in a caricatural way. “For the anecdote, a little girl and a little boy in front of a remote control have improvised a different toy: the little girl has made a phone and the boy a gun! “. By understanding their sex and intentions, they enter a role. Princess girls and men of heroes? Yes, children receive messages from society and put on their costumes, different in nature but also conditioned by stereotypes.

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And yet, a little boy can play the doll and a girl with small cars. There is nothing wrong with that and it is quite common. Parents are often worried (wrongly) when this happens. We must take a step back from these “norms”.

Every child plays what he wants, and manipulating toys of the opposite sex is not predictive. No, a little boy playing dolls will not be homosexual.

It is therefore important to end stereotypes: no matter what baby is playing, it means nothing! And while it’s important to give your kids toys that make them feel good about their sex, you do not need to overdo it and get into clich├ęs that reinforce the girl or boy’s inequality.

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By stereotypes, we dig up the inequality girl and boy

It’s a good thing to accept the different demands of boys and girls, sword or magic wand, car or baby, because the small must receive toys that have meaning and attributes defining his sex. But this is not a required passage. Marketing uses this difference to sell kids toys that are far from unisex. Result we are moving towards a clear form of inequality. No, the little girl is not good to do the dinette and the boy, to become a hero of modern times! Advertisements transmit too many images that reduce the girl to household chores for example, and the man to save the world. Offering such gifts toys for children, too much to the extreme, reinforces the unequal girls boys and conditions the little ones.

So, what is offered to baby?

We say yes to gifts that help them to differentiate themselves and understand that they are girls or boys but no gifts that reinforce inequalities. To achieve this balance, it is important to get away from stereotypes and why not go to sexless and neutral toys to get the model “toys for girls, toys for boys.” While respecting the demands and desires of children, offering toys for your kids that are suitable for both sexes (scientific toys, sports toys, construction toys, educational toys, etc.) remains the ideal.

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