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    How To Look Like A Star And Buy Celebrity Fashions

    The fashion industry is often considered a place to seek out fortune and fame. With that in mind, fashion designers of all ages, and from all the corners of the globe, often strive for celebrity status. With fame and fortune in the back of their minds, fashion designers strive to become celebrities in their own right. Although many have tried, only a few designers actually reach the status of “famous” or “celebrity”. Some designers will promote their own personal label into prominence, but others will develop a particular brand name My Grmc, to launch their careers. Either way, the designer behind the brand name will typically gain celeb status if…

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    How Would A Fashion Stylist Define Being Underdressed?

    Being fashionable does not mean that you always have to wear dressy and flashy clothes. This means that you wear the right clothes at the right time and place. Many people sometimes find it difficult to choose appropriate clothes for the occasion. They either end up overdressed or underdressed. Both are considered as fashion dilemmas. However, this article will discuss about being underdressed and how a Fashion Stylistdefines this fashion faux pas. There are a few things that a stylist considers to know whether her client is wearing appropriate clothes. These factors include the event itself, the venue, guests, and even the weather. You also have to look at these things…

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    Different Coach Bags Meet All Your Daily Need

    Coach handbags really are a hot product these days. Coach handbags are trendy and are also really practical. Because so many women frequently find themselves overcome with what to carry along with themselves every day, Coach has risen to the challenge simply by producing purses that are also multipurpose carryalls. Coach handbags are high quality products using a reputable identify reputation behind them. Coach purses are large and also roomy, though highly fashionable and in fantastic demand. Coach handbags come in a variety of styles, materials and colors. All are properly decorated and extremely durable. One of the most popular styles made by Coach today is the hobo purse. The…

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    Calvin Klein Launched Five New Range of Shoes for Women

    Calvin Klein launches some brand new range of shoes, shoes that are sexy, sensuous, exciting and funky, all at the same time. Here are the latest Calvin Klein women shoes: Cali’ Sandals: The ultimate launch by Calvin Klein, the sandals are extremely sexy with loads of oomph factor. They can add an appeal to almost anything in a girl’s wardrobe but, would best go with skirts and dresses (mid – length or further short).  The great pair is available in shades of black and sand and has a 1” sole (platform) with 4.25” heels. Macie Thongs: The name is good enough to raise the mercury levels high, and definitely the shoe…